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Australian Molik Has Last Word On Mcenroe

JuneŻ 29, 2001



Australian Alicia Molik isn't ready for a wardrobe change just because John McEnroe thinks one might be in order.

Molik, who lost a hard-fought match in the second round Friday to Lindsay Davenport, wore a short, hip-hugging skirt. That drew a comment from McEnroe, working Wimbledon for BBC television.

"She's wearing an awful tight, little skirt out there," McEnroe said.

"I'm wondering if it doesn't make it more difficult to move around the


The 20-year-old player from Adelaide laughed off McEnroe's remarks.

"Perhaps McEnroe should try wearing one himself," she said. "I did have a larger one, but it was dirty so I wore that one. I felt pretty comfortable, and I thought I played a great game.

"Perhaps now I will have a word with my sponsor to make one shorter and tighter."