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This video was taken on the 15/01/2002 on Court One at Melbourne Park

IMPORTANT: You will need Quicktime 4.0 or higher to view the videos

This is Alicia practicing before her match on court one before the men's singles match which preceded her match (1.5Mb)

This video is Alicia winning a couple of points on serve during the game.The footage mistaken from both end of the court (1.2Mb)

This is of Alicia leaving the court giving the crowd a wave before she leaves (2.0Mb)
Encase you were wondering these video's were made with an Apple iBook, using iMovie, and it was filmed on a Sony digital handycam on Hi8 tape.

NEW!! From the Mini Celebrity race at the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix (3/3/2002)(~900K)aliciarace.movNEW!!