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All the articles and news stories I find on Alicia I'll will post here

NEW! Fed Cup against Holland NEW!

-Alicia pleased with her close win and looking foward
-Alicia's win in the second match of the tie

Wimbledon 2002

-Pierce wins Hard-Fought match against Alicia

French Open 2002

-Alicia talking about working on her nerves

Sarasota Open 2002

-Alicia winning her first round match

Australian Grand Prix 2002

- A mention of Alicia in the celebrity race

Dubai 2002

- The Aussies loosing in the first round

Qatar Open 2002

- Alicia beating Sanchez-Vicario in the first round
- Also about the first round win
- Alicia big win over the wild card
- Alicia pusing Seles in the Semi-final

Australian Open 2002

- About Alicia's goal and hopes for the Aus Open, sort of interview
- A poor attempt at humor, also about Alicia's chances at the Aus Open
- About Alicia's loss in the first round

- Also about Alicia's loss
- Interesting article on coaches in Women's Tennis in Australia

Adidas International 2002

- About Alicia's wildcard

Hopman Cup 2002

- Alicia's win over Vavrinec
- Australia's rubber with Argentina
- Also about Australia's rubber with Argentina
- Alicia's win over Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario

Fed Cup Finals 2001

- Day 1
- Day 2
- Day 3

US Open 2001

- Alicia's first round match
- Alicia's second round match
- Also on the second round match
- Alias second round match, but more in depth

Wimbledon 2001

- About the Davenport Match
- Also about the Davenport match
- Alicia's match with Davenport with a look at lycra
- Alicia's rebuttal to McEnroe's comments
- Also about McEnroe's comments
- Another article about Alicia's fashion at Wimbledon

Adidas International 2001

- Alicia's goal to get into the top 40 by the end of the year

Australian Open 2001

- About Alicia's first round exit
- Alicia's view on Jelena Dokic's change of country

Australian Open 2000

- After match interview and transcript
- Article from the Tennis Australia website (18th Jan)
- Article from the Tennis Australia website (20th Jan)
- After match interview transcript, after Hingis match
- Article 1 from Tennis Australia website (22nd Jan)
- Article 2 from Tennis Australia website (22nd Jan)